The Basics of SEO Link Building

basics of SEO

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Link building is a key part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but firstly, what is a link and how does it affect your search engine organic ranks? An inbound link (backlink) is a link from another website page (affiliate site), to a page on your site.

Having high quality and relevant backlinks gives your site authority which heavily affects where you are placed organically for the keywords your audience search for. The relevance of the affiliate site, anchor text and content determines which keywords you will rank for, but it’s the quality and number of links which determine how well you rank for those keyword. Remember we are talking about link building – there are other factors which affect where you rank in search engine results – read our Introduction to SEO for more information.

So how do you build links?

Firstly you must have good quality content for people to link to and view, then:

Most Valuable Links

– Get links from high quality authority sites (.gov .edu, news) – you can ask for these, pay for them or if your content is good enough get them naturally
– Share your content with others e.g. slideshare
– Write unique guest blogs
– Use social bookmarking to create communities e.g. Reddit, Digg, Twitter etc

Still add some value

– Press releases
– Article distribution/submission e.g. PressCable
– Comment on relevant blogs and forms
– Once established, add signature links to your blog and forum profiles

Dying off after Google releases

– Link farms
– Directory submissions

Your ultimate aim is to create ‘viral content’; this is content which people want to forward on and link to, it’s the holy grail of link building but difficult to achieve!

Remember building quality links takes time and should be balanced and natural, so go for quality and set realistic goals.